Apartments Sanda, Riviera Trogir, Croatia~1 - Kékadria

Apartments Sanda, Riviera Trogir


Sanda Dobrić
Ap - 7+2, 7+2, 7+2, ...
+385 91 50 90 541, +385 21 231 1
Croatia, Central Dalmatia 21216 Kastel Stari Andrije Hebranga 7

Apartment data

Water view


Restorante 80 m
Beach 60 m
Market 100 m

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LAST MINUTE, Kaštel Stari Apartments Sanda, Kaštel Stari

Kaštel Stari Apartments Sanda, Kaštel Stari

The owner rents two houses, Apartments Sanda in Kaątel Stari described above and Stone house in Kaątel Novi. The following text is for Stone house in Kaątel Novi: Stone house in Kaątel Novi is more than 100 years old and recently renovated completely to obtain comfort of the guests. The house is made of the natural materials and it is self sustaining in view of cooling and heating. The house is 30 meters from the sea and promenade, situated in the quiet part of the old town next to the house where the owner lives. It has his own garden with vegetables for the guests, it has own parking and garage next to the parking. Also there is wine cellar next to the house where the guests can taste the owner’s wines. Also there is 100 years old fireplace with the roof made of the stone plates, where the guests can prepare food in the old way (hanging kettle or grill). The stone house is 500 m distant form Apartments Sanda. The guests who come have the whole house on their disposal, equipped for preparing the food, with internet, TV Sat, safe for 17” laptop, air condition. Distance from the first shop: 40 m. Distance from the first shop: 40 m. Distance from the bank: 40 m. Distance from the post office: 100 m. Distance from the fish and green market: 200 m. Distance from the beach: 300 m. Distance from the restaurant: 200 m. Distance from cafe bar: 30 m. Distance from tennis court: 300 m. Distance from the bus station for Split and Trogir: 200 m, Rent a car: 300 m. Rent a bicycle: 200 m, Rent a boat: 300 m The language of communication with the owner: English, German, Italian and Spanish

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