Apartments Ana, Riviera Omiš, Croatia~1 - Kékadria

Apartments Ana, Riviera Omiš


Darko Biljan
Ap - 3+2, 3+2, 3+2, 3+2, ...
+385 982 03477, +385 312 71000
Croatia, Central Dalmatia Marušići (kod Mimica) Punta br 27

Apartment data

Water view


Restorante 400 m
Beach 30 m
Market 400 m

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LAST MINUTE, Marušići Apartments Ana, Marušići

Marušići Apartments Ana, Marušići

We are situated on a hill close to the see (about 30 m away from the sea). Just in front of the house there is a small intimate and decorated beach with a shower and electric power to which our own private light stairs lead. On the beach are two small rooms: one room is for storing of personal belongings, another room have small refrigerator, sink and small coffie machine. Front of these is big terrace and there is 4 other terraces on witch you can go. About 100 m on the right there is another large public growelled beach, also with a shower. 300 m on the left there is still a larger public beach. We offer you a new house with 4 exclusive apartments built last year (dimension of each apartment is 10x4 m ). Apartments are equal in their appearance. They all have a bedroom, a sitting room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with finest dishes and all things as appropriate. There is a big refrigerator with a separate frosen part. There is a separate entrance in each apartment and a terrace with a nice view towards the sea and the mountain. Apartments are very comfortable and fresh even at heats as if there were air conditions, thanks to thick walls and isolation by styrofoam on all outdoor walls. There is air condition in all apartments. The house is located in an extremely piecefull and forest surrounding.

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